In this era technology has played a major role in evolving many different types of industries, especially the Music Industry. Many teens now have never bought a physical CD. For them in order to attain music is digitally. Emily White, a writer for All Songs Considered, states that she never really took part in the transition from physical to digital. In her 21 years of life she has only bought 15 CD’s however her iTunes library exceeds more than 11,000 songs. Yet she states that she did not illegally download all of those songs. Some came from a friend, family member, etc,. This is the encouragement of sharing the music and spreading it. Artists want to make an impact and influence people! So you see Emily never truly knew the impact that digital sales had over physical sales. Punishing them to the full extent of the law would be wrong. Adolescents growing up in this era do not fully comprehend how the Music Industry has had to evolved to get to this present time. They grew up around technology that gave them the way to get access to this music. But that does not mean they are not at all affected because of this also. The Music Industry have had to find income in other areas of their interests.

The Music Industry has to evolve and accommodate to what it currently out there and that would be people having access to illegally downloading music. In order to compensate for the loss of income that illegal downloads have caused other sources of income have increased as a result. Bit o Java writer Jessica, wrote an article titled Illegal Downloading and the Music Industry. In this article she explains how as a result of those losses concert tickets and artist’s merchandise have increased in their prices. Now concert tickets that otherwise would be cheap in cost is now pretty expensive in comparison to other times. This era is constantly changing and evolving it is up to the Music Industry to keep up. They can not blame it all to illegal downloading, they are just using the means that are all ready made available to them. Physical sales were already declining because of digital sales. Now they have to accommodate and try to come up with a concept that could boost their sales and actually make the consumers keep buying. As Neil Young tells the reporter for the Wall Street Journal, “Piracy is the new radio, that’s how music gets around. That’s the real world for kids.”

As, Tess had mentioned before the question that Palmer wants everyone to start considering is “How do we let people pay for music?” The Music Industry should have that question in their front mind. They should revolve their methods around that question instead of continuing to kindle the debate of illegal downloads which may I say looks like it is not ending anytime sooner. There is no going back and amending what is already done, it does not matter whether the artist is being affected or even that downloading music like that is illegal and is punishable.The real issue is how the Music Industry will continue on and what will they used as their replacement for consumers to return buying their products.


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