For centuries music has been a need for multitudes of people. Music can be a healer, it can get you through numerous of things, events, even people. It is universal and it used to be free at a time until it became a business industry. Now music is seen and utilized to an even greater extent. You can find music anywhere but then there are limitations that the music industry has imposed. The act of illegally downloading music is something that has been frowned upon for many years but it has also been a benefit and negative thing for the music industry. How it is handled is what matters, but can it can be something that the music industry can overcome?

It can be fairly easy to say artists are not affected by a few illegal downloads of their songs. They are ridiculously rich but there are artists out there that aren’t rich, that can barely cover their studio time. As David Lowery described in an article in The DIY Musician, as the music improved, in regards to if it was a good track, sales declined in most aspects of income. These aspects that come from concert ticket sales, t-shirt sales, CD’s, and etc,. So it can be easy to say that of such artists that placing tracks on the tops of the chart but there is also others that are trying to make just make it. These companies in the Music Industry try to nurture these upcoming artists and so if income is not coming as projected where are those artists being left. This has been one of the many concerns that all their hard work in making the product and at the end it is being taken for free.

But on the other side of the coin, there are artists that believe that their music is a gift and it should be shared even if they aren’t getting any profit. In the DailyMail, in regards to illegally downloading, the Colombian singer, Shakira, stated “I like what’s going on because I feel like closer to my fans and the people who appreciate the music.” And much can be said for such a talented artist like her just ask the millions of fans she has. Shakira has surpassed over 100 million likes on Facebook alone! By obtaining music illegally it is also allowing music to spread and for others to hear music they would not generally listen to. You can easily become as fan by listening to at least some of their songs online. There are dedicated fan bases that are 100% on their artists side when buying all their music and merchandise. Music spreads rapidly, especially online. New promising artists can be found online by posting their music on such sites. Didn’t Justin Bieber start out as posting videos on Youtube? There is no side that is better when debating over illegal downloads. You just have to embrace the positives and find solutions to the negative impact that it may create,


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